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                                      THE BRAND 


Adriana Patsalou is a luxury womenswear brand encapsulating contemporary design and innovation. Creativity in the fashion world alongside increased awareness towards pioneering ecological solutions has contributed to Andriana’s decision to use sustainable materials in her limited edition collections. Anchoring a great synergy between couture and streetstyle her collection further defines and reflects the modern woman’s desire for individuality through fashion.



Founded by ADRIANA PATSALOU in 2017, THE BRAND reflects her own personal style, character, and experiences.

Each TERMINAL  from the Maison explores several different fascinations that when combined reveal new facets of womanhood and the wardrobe itself.


Androgynous has become feminine and futuristic designs blend with heritage to create unique and unexpected timeless pieces.

T2A COLLECTION is inspired by the woman of today and her dynamic path through the centuries , from medieval /dark ages until nowadays ,the power she possessed from motherhood and her resistance against the odds and the attacks /doubts on her role and social status .

The drama encompasses in those fights but at the same time the surreal side of her own reality nowadays, having references on Jeronymous Bosch triptych ‘The Garden of Earthy Delights “with exotic animals and unusual semi-organic hut -shaped forms , fantastical compound animals ‘ creating prints with marble (an impressive but very cold material) and Madonna feeding/raising and being attacked at the same time, a weird creature.


“I see things that might exist as forms or configurations but from an entirely different perspective and allow just that to be the driver of my creations”.A pleurotus mushroom inspired collection. No Joke. With a lysotrophic

nutrition and the idea of deconstruction and rebirth, the same way the Terminal 1S collection has manifested itself in the Maison of Adriana Patsalou.

The Collection is a rather monochromatic assortment of various jersey, cotton and organza. Mixed and matched to create textures reflecting that of its inspiration along side the bespoke laser-cut geometric patterns that

appear through-out.

 Versatile dresses, architecturally structured shorts and pieces promoting a woman’s journey to empowerment, confidence and success.


' Desert always felt like the outer space for me , cactus and sunset colours fanscinated me the most. Its almost connected to old films , heroes and  mystery behind the horse's dusty cloud .

   But this story only draws inspiration from female divinities , thriven to communicate a different massage , not limited in motherhood but to celebrate power and diversity , as arrives by its roots  authentic, in all of its genuinity by its roots , landing straight to the future ...'