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Born and raised in Cyprus, Adriana Patsalou graduated from the University of Nicosia and the historical Athens School of Fine Arts.


Having studied visual, fine arts and interior design followed by a successful career in interior design, Patsalou has refined a design principle beyond today’s norm….(synergising her design concepts with high end retail fashion). Andriana has gained recognition across Cyprus, Greece, United Kingdom and United States for her distinct creativity, and, her acclaimed artworks and installations have been exhibited and sold in both private, and public collections. Amongst her many achievements is the 2012 'Best Retail Interior Design”


  Award from the International Property Awards Association. She was also chosen for the subject of fruitful research by Murray State University  and contributed to the innovation of the relationship between art and e-commerce. With an openly emotional and passionate approach profoundly influenced by the arts, design and architecture, Adriana has settled in Fashion Design as a medium to express her creativity.


   Ten years after a successful career in interior design, she embarked on a journey of defining/creating a unique aesthetic through fashion design. In 2015 she successfully launched and presented her first collection in Paris Fashion Week; an athletic, ready to wear in-clothing line. Fast forward two years, it is now described as athleisure wear from the fashion world. In 2017 a brand emerged with a signature style anchored in seamless juxtaposing principle where structured refined tailoring is in contrast to loose and oversized designs.


    Androgynous has become feminine and futuristic designs blend with heritage to create unique and unexpected timeless pieces. Adriana entered the sector internationally with four cohesive lines: Terminal T1A, T2A and Terminal T1S, T2S for core brand designs, the Haute Sports Limited - her timeless athletic pieces, and her ‘Experimental Couture’ evening wear line. All her collections are capsule and limited edition. Entering the sustainable sector by a non-waste approach, made on demand garments project, base materials are strictly from the existed house stock and commitment to sustainability is a core part of the brand’s principles. Presenting her collections in Tranoi Richelieu, Paris Fashion Week gained attention from buyers and press alike featuring in publications such as British Vogue Jan’19, Feb ‘19 , March ’19 , Tartarus Magazine N.Y and others.

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